September 19, 2014

Nappy Bag Checklist for New Mothers

The nappy bag is something that you will be taking pretty much everywhere you go, in fact, you won’t want to leave the house without it, especially if bub is a brand newbie. This is a bag that contains all the essential things that you will need for bub when you are out and about. You might think that you can just buy what you need when you are there, but as you will soon see, there are a number of things you will want to keep with you all the time.

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One thing that you will learn quite quickly about a new bub, is that there will be many nappy changes. In fact, Murphy’s Law states that if you have just changed the baby’s nappy for a wee, then it will immediately do a poo which will need changing. This the way it goes, so make sure you always have plenty of nappies in the nappy bag. However many you think you will need – double it.


Wipes will become your best friend, and are invaluable for all sorts of different things including wiping up spills and keeping yours and baby’s hands clean. You will find that wipes will be with you until the child is well into double figures, and even then you may keep buying them for yourself, because they are just so handy!

Spare Clothes

Ensure that you always have at least one set of spare clothes in the bag for baby, in the case of accidents such as spew on the clothes, and poos up the back. The reality is, that if you have not used the spare clothing at all on ten previous outings, (and decide to take them out of the bag) on this outing you will definitely need them; again Murphy’s Law comes into play.

Portable Change Mat

A portable change mat is really important for when you are changing baby away from home, and you will be thanking yourself for it when you find yourself in a less than hospitable ‘parents room’ at a shopping centre. You won’t want to be putting your brand new human down on the cold, dirty change table that is provided, but will be glad of your portable change mat that you packed!


Another must is to always have spare blankets on board in the nappy bag. Whether it is for swaddling baby, or laying down on a surface before you put bub down, blankets are another one of your best friends with the new bub.

Creams and Potions

Don’t forget your creams and potions for baby, especially if there is a touch of nappy rash, or if baby is colicky. Most nappy bags have plenty of side pockets so there will be ample space to make sure that you have spare tubes of creams, and whatever else baby might need.


For a new bub, if you are breast feeding you probably won’t need to worry about bringing bottles and food, but you should always remember to carry some water for yourself. As bub gets a bit older you will want to ensure that you are packing some snacks and things to chew on.

Is there anything else that you think you might need for your nappy bag? If you are planning for a friend who is going to be a new mum, check out for some great gift ideas for her.

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