September 9, 2014

Review – Blissfare Travel Cache Passport Holder Neck Wallet

** I have bought this product with a huge discount in exchange of my honest review.

I use travel document holder or wallet when I travel just to make sure I always have my valuable documents with me wherever I go. This is the second travel document holder I have bought. The first one has a transparent pocket window to view the docs inside while this one is securely hidden on the various zipped pouches or pockets. I like this one better because it also has an RFID lining for more security and protection. The other one does not have RFID blocking features.

This Blissfare travel cache has adjustable straps that you can use and hang around your neck and also your waist for better reinforcement and so the travel doc cache is closer to you which you can wear under a shirt, blouse or coat.

I tried fitting 3 passports inside the zipped pocket and they all fit! I also put my iPhone 6 in one of the pockets without the zipper, it also fits.

So, this is a better choice for me because of the RFID, non-bulky feature and lots of zipped pockets to hold my important valuables and docs.
This product can be purchased from their Amazon listing here: Blissfare

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