November 1, 2014

Bookworm Moms: Remarkable Reading Gifts for Mother's Day

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching it can be difficult to think of a personal gift outside of the usual chocolates and flowers, but if your mum is a real bookworm why not feed her book habit this year with some of the best new releases or some reading accessories to help her enjoy reading anytime and anywhere. Below we’ve got some of the top picks of this year’s book releases and some great reading accessory gift ideas to help you choose a memorable gift for your mum this year.
Reading Accessory Gift Ideas
  1. 1. Book lover’s gift basket – If you’re going all out with Mother’s Day presents this year, then why not put together a hamper of book lover’s gifts. Fill a beautiful basket with all the accoutrements an avid reader needs such as bookmarks, books or e-book gift vouchers, a plush blanket, speciality teabags and a good mug. Tie it all up in clear cellophane and put a big ribbon round it to make it a beautiful gift your mum will love!
  2. 2. Reading lights to make reading easy on the eye – If your mum loves to read before bed, get her a handy, reading light. There are lots to choose from. Some clip over the top of the book, others hang round the neck, some are held against the page and some even double as a bookmark! 
  3. 3. Reading attire – Since reading is often done for relaxation at home, your mum might appreciate some Mother’s Day presents she can wear to enhance her reading experience. Luxurious slippers and pyjamas are the perfect thing to wear whilst getting lost in a good book. Or how about a slanket? It’s a blanket with sleeves to keep you warm when sitting up in bed reading! 
Best New Books for Mother’s Day
  1. 1. A Hundred Pieces of Me by Lucy Dillon – Gina Bellamy overcomes serious health issues and rids herself of her unfaithful husband. She starts a mission to own just 100 belongings that have real meaning for her. It’s a wonderful story reminding us of what’s really important and apt for Mother’s Day!
  2. 2. 59 Seconds. Think a little, change a lot by Professor Richard Wiseman – This book is perfect for a go-getting mum who loves self-improvement. Professor Wiseman exposes modern day, self-help myths and guides you through things you can achieve and change within minutes rather than months or years. 
  3. 3. Burial Rites by Hannah Kent – If your mum is looking for a great drama to get stuck into, then this is it. Hannah Kent tells the story of Icelander Agnes Magnúsdóttir she lives with her District Officer and his family whilst awaiting her execution after being prosecuted for the murder of her lover. 
Whatever your mum loves reading there are books out there to suit her, just make sure she’s reading in comfort and style this Mother’s Day! A gift that supports one of your mum’s hobbies and interests will go down a storm and are a personal gift to show just how well you know her and how much you care. 

Jess Savage is a busy homemaker and mother of three. She loves blogging about thoughtful and innovative ways to enjoy family, from holidays to crafts and cooking.

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