November 21, 2014

Can A Child Get A Gum Disease?

A gum disease is basically a bacterial infection. It is also known as periodontal disease. You will see that it happens whenever gum tissues around your teeth will be infected and end up inflamed. It is really easy for this to move towards teeth holding ligaments and the disease can even affect teeth bone support. Whenever gum disease is not treated at an early stage, tooth loss will appear. In addition, gum disease is connected to some pretty serious conditions like heart disease and stroke. There are even some studies that highlight a connection with diabetes.
The problem with gum disease is that many do not actually know much about it. We tend to think that poor oral hygiene is the only reason why this appears. Such a belief is completely incorrect. In reality, there are various reasons that can be mentioned and the truth is that a kid can actually have gum disease.
There are people that are much more susceptible to the development of gum disease than others. There are even some genetic factors that can appear. Unfortunately, in some cases you increase the possibility that the child will end up with gum disease because of different actions. For instance, when the child has a diet that includes high quantities of starches, periodontal disease development risk is much higher.
The really good news is that it is not at all difficult to spot signs of gum disease and deal with it. Here is what you have to always remember.

Gum Disease Signs

The same signs that adults have with gum disease appear with children. You see gums that bleed after tooth brushing or even after flossing. Gums also tend to look swollen or red. When the disease is advanced, gums tend to pull away from teeth. Children also exhibit bad breath. When you suspect gum disease because of such signs, make sure that you never hesitate the importance of visiting a doctor. Treatment is much easier when first signs appear. If gum disease continues, specialized dentistry treatmentwill be necessary.

Oral Hygiene Is Vital

Children that do not have a proper oral hygiene have a much higher possibility of ending up with gum disease. Because of this, it is vital that you remain focused on teaching the children how to clean their teeth and how important this is.
Contrary to popular belief, proper oral hygiene can start even before the first tooth appears. You basically need to clean gums after feeding by using gauze or clean washcloth. After the first tooth appears, talk with a pediatric dentist and see what has to be done in order to get the child used to proper oral hygiene habits.

Regular Dentist Visits

No matter what you do, gum disease can appear without a warning. You want to book regular dentist visits so that you can identify all beginning signs of such a condition. The dentist will find it really easy to identify them and you might have some problems with gum disease signs. As the condition appears, sometimes the signs are not that visible.

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