November 23, 2014

Jobs For Creative People

Everyone has their own talents developed at an early stage in their life. Some people do not tap their talents until later on. However, what ever the case may be, some jobs are perfect fit for people with certain skills and talents especially for the creative ones.

If you are creative and loves to write, create stuff, draw, daydream, imagine, appreciate colours and patterns and have eyes for beautiful things that can easily inspire you then here are some jobs that will fit the mould of a creative person.

Art teacher

If you love to make artsy projects and have the knack to create objects out of stuff then this profession will help you in unleashing your creative juices. You can teach arts class to young kids or even adults who will benefit from learning the basics of what arts is all about and what they can do to tap on their own creative talents.


A creative person has the ability to imagine plenty of things and writing about them will be a good way to present their creative side. Most creative people enjoy writing novels or they engage in story telling.


An illustrator is good in depicting those ideas into visible objects through their drawings. Their illustrations can be used in books, magazines, DIY paper projects, diagrams, presentations and so much more.

Fashion Designer

Who creates those fabulous clothing styles you in on the runway, in the boutique displays, in the clothes’ rack in the malls? The fashion industry is teeming with creative people who makes the fashion world colourful, bright, fun, modern, classic and everything in the whole spectrum of things.

If you have the knack to make beautiful clothes, and start a fashion trend then be a fashion designer and learn the tricks of the trade.


Be it on stage or in the reel, acting is one of the many creative ways to show your talent. Being able to acquire a character that is completely not yours and magically transform yourself to another era and/or persona is a challenge many thespians face in their craft. A creative person will be able to find ways on living a “character” to portray successfully, making viewers believe they are watching the real deal.


Being an educator is one of the noblest profession in the planet. Imagine dealing with so many young thinkers who are oozing with lots of bright ideas? A teacher is one way of showcasing your love for creativity.  A teacher faces so many challenges every day on how to deal with various personalities with varying degrees of learning capacity and energy. A teacher finds way to creatively stir young minds towards learning and being able to come up of ways to engage inquisitive minds is not an easy feat.

Event Organiser/Wedding Planner

A person with a creative flair will thrive well in this field. People who are creative have lots of energy and limitless ideas on how to make an event pop and succeed, adding touches that will surely propel the event to a fine shindig.


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Creative people see so much beauty and inspiration around them. A photographer and a videographer can capture them in still or in video.

Dance instructor

Graceful or upbeat, a creative person can dwell in this genre and create movements good enough to be a choreography to a dance presentation.

Song writer

Whether it is from experience or sheer genius, a creative person can create lyrics stemming from within. The creative person has a knack for words and can either rhyme them or play around to make beautiful lyrics to a song.

Make-up artists

The face is the canvas of make-up artists. Making people look like superstars and interesting subjects are the works of creative make-up artists. They play with colours and have tons of ideas to combine colours, patterns, strokes and styles to apply their artistry on a person’s face.

There are more jobs suited for creative folks. Feel free to share them in the comments field.

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