December 20, 2014

Beach Body Ready!

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It’s time to take out those bathing suits and strut your fit physique in the beach area this summer. However, are you shy of your flabby tummy, jingly arms and wobbly thighs? Fret not! You can tone your body and prep yourself for that summer beach body you have been aiming for.

Be realistic with your goals. You cannot lose the fats just like that in few weeks times but you can tone and firm them if you regularly exercise and workout.

Here are some ways to burn some serious flabs and get fit for summer!

Do ab crunches

Lift weights

Jog, brisk walk, run or cycle and get that cardio pumping

Do the Zumba! (Check with your doctor first)
Do the Insanity workout! (Check with your doctor first)

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