May 25, 2015

Sudafed Replay Contest For Sinusitis Sufferers

My mom told me that I got sick quite easily because I was a frail baby with sensitive immune system. I was in and out of hospitals because of that. Amazingly, I have learned to help improve my system by exercising and eating healthy foods. However, some things really don’t change and go.

I have been plagued with sinusitis for as long as I can remember. It went to a very long hiatus that I thought I got cured already. And then one day, bam! I am suffering from sinusitis again. It became very prevalent around 2010 and I am still bothered by it upto now.

Having sinusitis is not a pleasant feeling. You feel like there is a pipe full of pressure that is about to explode in your nasal cavity. It gives me headaches, pain and the breathing is quite a challenge! It has caused me to miss a lot of activities where I could have enjoyed like hiking, trekking and even traveling. I have tried plenty of medications before. I have been in the doctors office one too many times and I have been prescribed anti-biotics to help me deal with the sinusitis problem because at one point, I kept having bleeding nose.

For once, I just want to be cured. It is an on and off thing and I hope  SUDAFED® can give me the relief I have been looking for.

SUDAFED® is hosting a fun giveaway/sweepstakes to sinus sufferers like myself! You will have a chance to win SUDAFED REPLAY™ to help them relive their regrettable and those missed out moments in their lives.

All you have to do describe those moments you have missed in the SUDAFED REPLAY™  app in the SUDAFED® Facebook page and you will be entered to win a $250 gift card for Flight replay, Sporting Event replay or Movie Event replay.

The contest will run until 6th of April, 2014. Open to US residents only +18.


This is a sponsored post by SUDAFED®.

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