June 29, 2015

Music Apps in Gadgets

It’s very surprising how technology has changed the way we do things and how we use our gadgets. It is a far cry from the analog handsets and phones I used to have back in the 90s.

Now, most of the population owns not just 1 smartphone but more and aside from that, people own tablets, iPads, iPods, e-book readers and so much more just to access their favorite apps and carry on with their day to day social life.

Many apps are being developed to cater to every Tom, Dick and Harry of the world. And it’s not surprising to see the boom in various apps in gadgets proliferate the technology scene. An example of this is the myriad of music apps in the download centre of various providers. These music related apps have very cool interface and some are even offering tutorial so you can develop a skill and learn some techniques and some you can create beats. Examples are:

DJ App


Propeller head

(Photos are not mine)

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