June 18, 2015

Our Old House

I can’t get out of my mind the state of our old house in the Philippines. It is in almost dilapidated state and I fear that one day, the foundation might just give way. It has been our home for the last 30 years.

It used to be one of the beautiful houses in the subdivision where we lived. When my dad was still alive, it was kept clean and well-maintained. We had an overhead water tank that used to provide clean water for my family when the village’s own water system went awry. It had a state of the art engine driven pumps so the big tank would fill up fast. However, the engine pump has been sold to provide financial aid to my mom back home.

The roof of the house needs serious repair. It rains inside when it rains outside. The paints are chipping. The ceiling has a wide gap. The entire premise is just dirty and you can see that the love my parents put in that house has long been gone. If only they had called an experienced exterior contractor like ​​Ideal Construction to have these issues corrected before they got out of hand things would be so much happier today.

It pains me to see it in that state so I am glad that my mom decided to sell the house where we all grew. We made happy and fond memories there when we were growing up. I met great friends in that place who loved hanging out in our humble abode during our glorious days. But those days are gone and what is left is an old house, bereft of the love it used to have. Our old house, our poor old house needs a new owner who can provide that same love we had during our heyday.

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