July 20, 2015

3 Ways To Deal with Office Rejection

I was surprised to see a “rejection” email in my inbox this morning. It was hard to miss because I don’t recall applying for any vacancies recently. So, the last thing I would expect to find is that.
I think, over the years, I have learned to become “slightly” indifferent when it comes to being rejected. I am not totally immune because I can still feel the sting but I tackle it more maturely now. There are rejections that really get into me and there are those that I just shrug off but if you’re just new in the corporate world and have never experienced the sting of rejection (for many reasons like pitching your marketing plans, applying for a vacancy, asking for a raise, presenting a project proposal, etc.), here are tips to help you get by:

Do not take it personally

This is easier said than done but it’s possible. The first few rejections will hurt and how bad you take the blow depends on you. Trust me when I say, don’t take it personally. Be very objective. It is part and parcel of being in the workforce. You’ll get rejections every now and then. If this is your first time then consider it your baptism of fire. At least, now you know how it feels. Next step, move on…

Use it as a motivational force

If you are pursuing something because it is in your goals then take the rejection as a way to fuel that motivation further. Don’t stop now. Use the rejection to energise yourself to be better, to re-work your strategies, to re-plan and tackle the new goals with a clear perspective and new hope.

Improve yourself

Attend trainings and workshop to develop your soft skills and learn new things that can help you ace that next endeavour. It may not always work. Let’s be realistic on that but it will give you the confidence, new skill sets and knowledge that you need to handle more tasks and responsibilities that will pave the way for growth.
Rejection is part of life whether it is personal or in our work. We have to accept the fact that we cannot always get what we want no matter how we work hard for it. There are just times that we have to accept rejections as they come and use them to gain leverage the next time we pursue something. Don’t give up.

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