September 3, 2015

Choosing The Perfect Christmas Lights For Your Indoor Christmas Tree

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Christmas lights complete a Christmas tree. A Christmas tree is not as sparkly and attractive when not adorned with these little colorful or monochromatic themed lights that make it more interesting.

There are plenty of Christmas lights available in the market these days. There are rope lights, bulbs, traditional mini lights, icicle lights and net lights. And with the numerous selections you have, it will be a bit confusing to know which indoor Christmas lights are right for you. Here are tips to help you choose the perfect Christmas lights for your Christmas tree.

Take your Christmas tree’s size and height into consideration

The bigger the tree the more Christmas lights it needs and the bigger the size of the lights must go with it. A Christmas tree that is just below 5 feet will look too crowded when you put big Christmas lights like the bulbs. Choose the traditional of mini lights to complement the size of the tree. And as your tree becomes bigger, the size of the Christmas lights will have to go bigger too.

Know what color motif you want for your Christmas tree

If you have decided to go multi colored with plenty of splashes of color on your ornaments, you may want to tone it down with a monochromatic Christmas lights. A soft and light yellow will be a nice Christmas lights for a multicolored or block-colored theme Christmas tree. The lights will reflect on the shiny ornaments giving your tree the illusion of a multi-color lights.

You can opt for multi colored Christmas lights for white Christmas trees to accentuate the ornaments and bring more color to the tree’s solid color.

Steady lights, twinkly or one that dances with the music

There are plenty of Christmas lights now that dances to the Christmas tunes which plays from the small box attached to the control of the Christmas lights series. You can buy steady lights only or get a series of Christmas lights that twinkles or consider buying state of the art Christmas lights that also plays music while the Christmas lights dances asynchronous with the music.

If you’re unsure of what to choose, you can always refer to and check out the many type of Christmas lights they have in stock. You can also have an idea by checking various home, and Christmas magazines to help you in your decision and design process.

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