September 29, 2015

DIY Hill Billy Halloween Costume

Halloween is the one of the most fun events that I look forward to every year. Being an expat in the Middle East, I just appreciate people who still make their Halloween as fun, colourful, and interesting as others all over the world would do with theirs. And since it is fast approaching, party goers and Trick or Treaters are scrambling for the perfect Halloween costume to wear.

For some, the scarier their costumes are, the better. Others prefer the common ones like dressing up as royalties, superheroes and superheroines, cartoon characters, sports jocks and cheer leaders, celebrities, political figures, villains, monsters, vampires, zombies, cowboys and cowgirls, and as professionals in the corporate world or society like doctors, teachers, nurses, to name a few. Others come as novelty objects like kitchenwares, money bill, food, and gadgets. While these costumes I have mentioned are interesting and utterly colourful and fun, buying them may cost you an arm and a leg!

The whole intention of doing your own costume is to cut on cost, and explore your creative streak. Your Halloween costume need not break your bank too. It should be cost savvy, easy to put together, and something you may already have in your closet.

One of the many DIY Halloween costume I can think of is the Hill Billy fellow. It is such an interesting character with lots of personality to boast!

All you need are the following and of course, you can simply change the style a bit depending on your preference.

Checkered of plaid shirt
Loose jeans or overalls
Suspenders if you have no overalls
Tattered or old boots
Straw hat or even fedora!
A pipe or a hay straw to chew on
A bandana or scarf if you have one
Fake buck teeth you can buy for less than a $
A banjo or big jug for added effect

And when you are all dressed up, you can now practice your hee haw!

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