September 20, 2015

Hello Autumn 2016!!!

Yes Summer, it’s time for you to say good-bye for now and let the beautiful Autumn roll in. Tomorrow is the first day of Autumn and the vista around us will start to change.

Autumn or Fall is one of my favourite seasons after Winter. I just love the cooler months leading to Winter. I like seeing lots of warm colours, smelling pumpkin spices everywhere and getting cozy in my nice cool jackets.

There’s something about Autumn that captivates me aside from the pleasantly acceptable cool weather. Autumn changes the foliage colour into warm shades of yellow, orange, brown and deep red. A good drive in the countryside will bear lots of photo ops for the nature lovers and photographers out there.

So, good bye hot summer months and hello cool Autumn!

(artwork by ©Ria Cervantes)

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