September 25, 2015

Review – Mamaway Postpartum Belly Band #mamaway

I have bought this product with a big discount in exchange of my honest review.

I have a big “jelly belly” that just doesn’t go away. I have tried using spandex undergarment, a waist trimmer, even went on juice diet just to whittle my waist line. I guess, part of the failure is my inability to follow through with a commitment. So, I am happy to buy this product because it is an instant solution to my flabby mid-section.

I would have preferred the conventional way of losing the fat naturally through exercise and proper diet but sometimes, losing weight can’t wait. I sometimes have to wear dresses at work for presentations and I have to smoothen my flab lines. This belly band helped me achieved that without looking bulky in my mid-section.

I like the fact that I can tighten it as much as my body can tolerate and yet, I don’t feel like I am suffocating myself unlike the spandex undergarment I have tried. That spandex teddy was tight even if I have already ordered 2 sizes bigger than my usual size. With the Mamaway Belly Band, I could still move effortlessly. I can also wear it under my business attire without looking like I am about to pop in my last term of pregnancy. I am not even pregnant!

I know it is a postpartum belly band. I still wanted to use this because I want to control the flab and eventually, train my waistline. It is made of high quality polyester, rubber, bamboo fibre, and nylon. The good thing about this product is that it won’t leave you “smelling” like you came out of a sauna bath with sweat. The Bamboo fibre takes care of that aspect so you are assured of a good smelling, waist-trimming experience.

The other thing I find very beneficial with this belly band is the 2 extra compression belts. You can adjust and place them wherever is the most problem area in your buttocks or belly area. It is also doesn’t ride up my belly unlike the other waist trimmer I have tried that goes up my belly area that I have to keep adjusting it. The Mamaway Belly Band stays in place. It really has an effective support in my mid-section. I will certainly wear this even during outings as it provides effective support and control in my mid-section area.

It is also easy to wash and dry.

I give this my thumbs up! It’s unlike other waist trimmer products I have tried in the past. The Mamaway Belly Band is really effective with its support and quality.

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