October 21, 2015

Our Minted Holiday Wrappers for 2015

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I love personalising our wrappers and holiday cards. I am really an old school type of person so each year, I strive to send cards the conventional way and to wrap our holiday presents with our very own personalised wrappers from Minted.

The snaps below are the wrappers for our Christmas 2015 presents. I chose them because they are unique and the designs are fresh.

I am ordering more designs in the coming days and I will post them here once I receive them. Here’s a sample of the Bold Washi on my gift for my mum. Isn’t it lovely and classy?

I made the tag 🙂 ©www.riablahgs.com

If you want to have your own personalised wrappers for the holidays, you may visit Minted and choose from the many selections they have.  You may also check out their holiday cards; some are customisable too! Enjoy!

(Photo credits: mine except for the Minted banner)

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