October 6, 2015

Transition Your Shift Dress From Summer To Autumn

Summer is over and autumn has taken its rightful place in the cycle of season. And next thing we know it, winter will be rolling in. This is the time where we are changing our wardrobe to be suitable for the coming of the cooler months.  But wait! Don’t just keep your dresses yet! Well, at least not one type – the Shift Dress. Yes, that shift dress that can show your “covered” legs during the colder season.

The shift dress is one of the classic dresses in the fashion industry. Every woman, whether you are working or not, must have at least one shift dress you can wear for casual and formal events which can stand various seasons.

With the rolling of the cooler months, one might think that the shift dress cannot go well with autumn and winter. As a matter of fact, it can and you’ll be surprised how fashionable and stylish your dress can be when properly mixed, matched and accessorized.

Here are some tips of how you can transition your shift dress from summer to autumn and even through winter without feeling “cold.”

  • Wear thicker tights

  • Pair with a long sleeves underneath or even on top of it

  • Accessorize with shawls and thick scarves
  • Wear with cardigans or coats or sweaters

  • Pair with a knee-high boots

(all photos: not mine/taken from Yahoo images/ credits to the owners of the photos)

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