November 8, 2015

4 Surprising Ways to Stay Alert At Work

Did the last night’s party wear you down? Are you feeling sluggish and lethargic? Do you find it hard to concentrate at work? If you answered yes in all of those questions, then you are probably one of those people who find themselves daydreaming at work or not focusing hard enough because of many reasons.

Staying alert at all times in the office is not a hard feat to do. It may post some challenges but it is doable. You do not have to be a morning person to stay alert or have to gulp down several energy drinks to keep you awake to last until end of office hours. Just follow these surprising ways to stay alert at work.

Have at least 8 hours of sleep

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Sleep is one of the integral part of staying alert. If you have a sound sleep of at least 8 hours, chances are, your body and mind have been fully rested and recharged. So, you wake up with a clean slate, a clear mind, and a sound body.  A good night’s sleep makes a big difference in staying alert.

Obtaining a good, and quality sleep also involves having a good bed to sleep in. The right mattress, pillow and beddings add up to a sound sleep.
The lighting, room temperature, and environmental noise can also affect your slumber. Dim the light, draw your curtains, lower the room’s air conditioning temperature, and reduce the noise factor that can affect your sleep, and you will certainly enjoy a good night’s rest.

Listen to fun and fast tempo music

This is a sure fire way to keep you entertained for hours on end! Just listen to upbeat music and you can never go wrong.
Best music genre to listen to that will really pique your interest and mental state will be hip-hop, rock, pop, and those jazzy tunes.

Eat healthy food in the morning

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Fill your stomach with good, healthy food whilst ensuring that you do not get too stuffed. Avoid eating too much carbs in the morning as they may cause sugar spike later on and you will find yourself crashing even before hitting noon. Skip on sugary food and stick with whole-grain meals, vegetable cuts, eggs and whole-meal bread with peanut butter. The complex carbs will burn slowly and are easier to sustain during the day.
For lunch, have a bowl of green salad instead of rice or pasta. You would like your blood sugar to increase in a sustained manner. Eating healthily and avoiding high-carb foods can help you become alert and awake at work.

Take a short walk at work

Even if you are in the confines of your office, that should not stop you from walking around your area or use the farthest comfort room so you get your circulation going. Stand and walk every hour to keep yourself awake. Run up and down the stairs to perk you up and not only will that keep you alert at all times, you will be happy that you did because it will also help burn calories.

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