November 30, 2015

My Money Saving Challenge

If you live in a country where the standard of living is very steep, the prices of commodities are high, and the accommodation rent is stupendous, saving enough to fill the retirement coffer just seem to be so impossible for expatriates like me.

I have been working for almost 27 years; while I am very happy that I have managed to save enough money to invest in properties. I feel that I haven’t saved much for my retirement though.

Saving is one of the biggest challenges that my family here has to face. We spend our earnings in this place too so what ever is spare is deposited to our daughter’s account back home.

2017 is a big Money Challenge year for me and my husband as we try our best to cut down unnecessary expenditures while putting percentage of our earnings to our investment, cash savings, and paying off loans and credit cards so as not to accumulate high interest on finance charges. One option to consider while trying to pay off loans is refinancing them. Earnest’s can help refinancing your student loans. Their unique Precision Pricing not only can save you a ton of money but you can pay them off much faster. It is high time we understand where our money goes, how our debts can accumulate, and what means can we find to lead us on the right track on spending conscientiously, saving wisely, and where to get financial assistance when needed.

Below is a personalized Money Saving Challenge infographic for myself. I want to be able to set aside a portion of my salary to my intended allocation so I can meet my target for this year and onwards.

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