November 15, 2015
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Skin Care Tips For Women in their 40s

As reach our 40s, our skin tends to lose its elasticity and suppleness. We need to take extra care of our skin due to is vulnerability to many environmental elements and other factors like hormones, lifestyle, and diet.
There are many beauty products in the market that target specific areas in your body to protect, moisturise and bring back a certain elasticity that you have lost as you age. However, nothing beats observing proper skincare routine and having a healthy lifestyle.
Here are some ways to take care of your skin when you are in your 40s.

Drink plenty of water

Hydrate yourself. That is one of the key to maintain a supple looking skin. You can also use moisturizers to apply topically especially the ones containing Hyaluronic Acid which is known for its property in attracting water.

Avoid the 3 S’s: Sun, Smoking & Sugar

It is common knowledge that long exposure to the sun and smoking are two top culprits behind premature aging and wrinkling, but let’s re-cap: although the sun cannot be avoided completely, that is why it is imperative to wear sunscreen (in other words, a moisturizer with a built-in broad-spectrum SPF) all year round, rain or shine. Smoking destroys the skin, leaving it looking dull, sallow and wrinkly. Because smoking depletes the body’s oxygen levels, it asphyxiates the skin, which gives it that lifeless complexion.
Sugar is another culprit behind wrinkles that many people are unaware of. The consumption of refined sugar causes a process called glycation in the skin- which means that sugar molecules attach to collagen fibers, causing them to cross-link, resulting in the breakdown of collagen, and thereby causing premature ageing in the form of fine lines and wrinkles.
Practice these anti-wrinkle skin care secrets, and you’ll begin to notice years taken away from your complexion. Check out all the amazing skin care solutions at

Have enough rest

The proverbial “beauty rest” phrase holds true for having a youthful and glowing skin. Getting enough rest and sleep helps your body to recharge and repair the damages it incurred throughout the day.  Sleep also reduces the stress levels which adds to premature ageing because it can destroy skin cells.
So get your beauty rest regularly.


Did you know that exfoliation is one of the key components to a smoother, youthful-looking complexion? The proper method of exfoliation combined with the proper frequency can result in astounding results. There are basically two ways to exfoliate: mechanically and chemically (or enzymatically). Mechanical exfoliation simply means you are physically exfoliating your skin to remove dead skin cells with a grainy product such as a face scrub, or a facial cleansing brush or even a wash cloth. Mechanical exfoliation is an effective method, but you have to be careful with the product you’re using because there are a number of face scrubs on the market that are too abrasive and can actually damage the skin overtime.
The most powerful and effective means of mechanical exfoliation is microdermabrasion. Most reputable spas and dermatologist offices offer microdermabrasion as a standalone treatment or as part of a facial. However, you can save yourself a bundle of money by avoiding routine in-office microderm treatments and invest in an at-home system like MicrodermMD Home Microdermabrasion Machine you can use by yourself. It’s fairly simple to use and will impart the same results as what an Esthetician would do for you in the treatment room. Stick to exfoliating once or twice a week if your skin is on the dry side, or two to three times a week if your skin leans toward oily.

Use skin care technology to battle the signs of aging

Non-invasive technology has really taken the skin care industry by storm. From microcurrent to galvanic and laser therapy, they can do wonders for our skin without the knife and scalpel. These treatments at the derm or spa can be costly, but luckily, Trophy Skin has created an at-home anti-aging superstar device that yields the same results as the derm’s office, but at a fraction of the cost! The RejuvaliteMD Red Light is pain-free, fool-proof and can be used as often as several times a week. It improves the skin’s laxity, firmness, texture, skin tone and wrinkles. It also helps to improve sun damage and age spots! That’s why it’s our go-to anti-aging gem.

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