January 1, 2016
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Review – Gnome Selfie Stick #GnomeWorkshop

I have received this complimentary in exchange of my unbiased review.

I was initially adamant to try this Gnome selfie stick because I already have other brands of selfie sticks (2 manual and 1 with bluetooth) but I didn’t find any of my existing selfie sticks as reliable. I tried using the manual on of my trips and was very disappointed because it wasn’t bluetooth. I had to bring my extra gadget for hands-free picture taking clicker. Then, last March, I used the pink selfie stick with a bluetooth during my Euro trip only to get disappointed again while taking the snaps. The bluetooth worked well but the selfie stick itself was loose. It kept turning so by the time I press, the phone is already on a different focus.

I must say, Gnome didn’t disappoint me in the bluetooth and stick feature. For one, it was easy to use. As soon as the selfie stick was fully charged, (it took more than an hour to fully charged it…based on my observation with my Gnome Selfie stick), I switched it on, I switched my S4’s bluetooth and it paired in less than 5 seconds. It was faster than the other selfie I have. And this product can be charged on any computer or apparatus with USB port. It also has an auto-off feature so it saves on power. I didn’t actually time the auto-off feature so I cannot provide how many minutes before it auto-shuts.

As far as length is concerned, the Gnome Selfie stick extends to up to 31.4 inches and when totally folded, it is around 6 inches with the phone holder tucked neatly under the base of the holder. It is lightweight too so taking it and placing it inside my bag was not an issue. I didn’t even realize it was there.

It is very easy to operate. You just switch it on by pressing the shutter button on the holder and pair it with your smartphone. It has a blue led light to indicate if it’s on and connected to your smart phone device. No need to download apps to use this selfie stick. No need to carry extra bluetooth shutter clickers too. This selfie stick is all you need.

The product comes with a 1 yr warranty, a holder strap and even a discount coupon inside the box for your next purchase of any Gnome workshop product.

Comparing this to my other selfie sticks, I like this better. I like the rubber holder so I have a better grip. I like the rubber coated phone holder on the selfie stick because it does not scratch your device. It works well with Android and iOS smart phone devices. I prefer to use this selfie stick than the other selfie sticks I have used before. This is not a complicated selfie stick which makes it very easy to use and carry during our family trips abroad.

This product is available at Amazon.

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