February 26, 2016

FitTea Review

Losing weight is my primary goal this year. I am still in the yo-yo stage and I seriously want to get out of it because it is unhealthy and it is a bad cycle I have to break. So far, I have started cleaning my food intake. Although the process is a laborious one,  I have to work hard on my focus, and determination to really achieve my goal.

My recent vacation proved how much physically unfit I have been. The longs walks I have been doing when I was younger and still slimmer proved to be more of a daunting task. I realised that I cannot fulfil my dreams if I am not physically fit. I have to do something about it.

One way of achieving my weight loss goal is to purge all the unhealthy vices I have accumulated in the past such as:

Bad Eating
snacking on processed foods
eating at fast foods and restaurants
skipping meals
drinking soda like it is water
not eating enough vegetables and fruits

Sedentary lifestyle
sitting in front of the computer for a long period of time
not exercising
taking shortcuts like driving to the nearby grocery, not using the stairs, parking near the entrance, etc.
not walking my dog regularly
will watch the TV rather than exercise
sleeps longer

No will power
no interest in keeping up with my goals
easily swayed to give-up when the weight doesn’t fall off
not really focused
gets very impatient

Having analysed all my weaknesses from attaining my goals only show that I am a “big” work in progress and pun intended there, unless I do something about it. I do not want to end up sick, and unhealthy. And it is not yet too late.

Once I have realised what’s keeping me from attaining my goals, it has become clear to me that I will have to help myself first and the rest will fall into place and with that, I have to clean myself IN and OUT. One way of doing that is taking FitTea and I am glad I did.

Before I tried FitTea, I had to research on FitTea results and FitTea reviews so I can decide if I will be able to stick to my plans. Upon tasting the product and feeling some good effects, I have been convinced to finish the whole pack and see more positive results.

FitTea is an all-natural tea made of organic green tea, oolong wu yi, organic rooibus, ginger, pomegranate, guarana, birch, stevia, corn and honey powder. Most of these ingredients are known for their detoxing properties which help in cleaning your digestive track, providing more energy to sustain your workouts, promotes fat-burning action, and improve immune system too. You may wonder what the role of “birch” in weight loss and why is a weight loss component derived from a known tree. Birch is used to help dispel water retention from the body. It is also used to treat arthritis, heart problems, achy joints and a good irrigation therapy to flush out the urinary tract. Other ingredients like the organic rooibus has properties that is good for the heart and full of antioxidants to give your immunisation a good boost. The other ingredient like oolong is also known as a good diuretic just like the birch.

What I like:
It tastes good and I did not have to use sugar or honey to sweeten because it already contains stevia, a natural plant-based sweetener and honey powder which already provides the nice and not-so-sweet taste to the drink.

It does not have that bitter tea taste.

It smells good. I feel like I am drinking flower juices.

I am more energised.

I do not have stomach cramps unlike the other detox tea I have tried previously.

It clears my digestion.

I do no’t feel bloated.

It has helped suppress my appetite which helps curb my vicious chips snacking and soda drinking sessions.

What I don’t like:
Nothing. So far, I like the effects and will continue to complete the 28-day detox by taking the rest of the supply regularly.

My recommendation:
Yes, I do recommend this product for the reason that it is helping me suppress my appetite, giving me renewed energy to go start with my exercise and ease the bloating. I have yet to see the weight loss part later because I have just started with the detox few days ago.

FitTea can help if you will just eat healthily and start engaging in activities that will help build and sustain stamina and burn calories to encourage weight loss. I can already imagine the FitTea makers saying this: “Give us a few weeks and we’ll give you a new waistline.” Not bad! And I am hoping to see better results in the coming days.

So, if you are packing on the pounds rather than losing them or you are on your way to giving yourself a healthy lifestyle with a sound body and mind, give FitTea a try and see the results yourself.

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