March 11, 2016

Organizing Halloween Party for the Kids

Halloween is just around the corner! It is supposed to be scary and spooky. However, we cannot deny the fact that kids just love it! They love Halloween! And they especially love Halloween parties!
Organizing your own Halloween party to invite your kids’ classmates and friends and all the kids in the neighborhood would be so much fun! This article will give you some tips and guidelines to help you. No tricks, just pure fun treats to ensure that your party is going to be a hit.
Come up with a theme
Yes, Halloween is usually about monsters and vampires and other scary creatures but not so much anymore. These days, this event is more like the one time in a year that everyone is allowed to wear whatever costumes they like without being judged. So think about your own theme. Is it going to be a superhero theme, will you go for a fairytale, a zombie apocalypse or would you still prefer the old school spooky party with Frankenstein, the vampire, ghosts, witches, wizards and others.
Impress with the invitation
Once you’ve come up with the theme for your party, it’s time to create and distribute your invitations. Make sure to include important details in the invites including the venue, date, and theme and of course the dress code. This will ensure that your guests will come prepared with their costumes. That will make the party more fun and exciting!
Prepare candies, chocolates and more treats
Kids love Halloweens because it’s overflowing with candies and chocolates, so be sure to give these treats to them at the party. It would be a great idea to pack assorted treats for each guest to make sure that they get fair share of treats. Also, prepare treats and gifts for the games.
Arrange a perfect venue
Design the venue with appropriate props to make the party more spooky but fun.  You can come up with scary ideas but be sure to remember that you have kids as your guests so don’t go overboard scary – scary enough would suffice.

Come up with fun games for the kids
A kid’s party is not complete without the games. Make sure to come up with fun games that they will enjoy. Here are some examples:

Wrap the Mummy
Guests will be divided into teams and each team will be given a tissue paper. One representative each team will serve as the “mummy” and the rest of the team members will use the roll of tissue paper to dress their “mummy”. Most creative “mummy” after the given time will win.

More candies for the kids! This game of treasure hunt is always a sure hit in any party.

Witches Broom Limbo
Play some limbo rock using a witch’s broom. Divide the guests into teams and the one that gets pass the lowest limbo mark wins the game.

Stop the dance
Classic games still work! And isn’t it fun to see those kids in costumes dancing and stopping when the music turns off? It’s a picture-perfect moment!
Now, you’re all set for your Halloween party! Invite the kids and have a memorable and fun party! Are you looking for a new house perfect for party venues? In Werribee, Lend Lease has house and land packages that you can check out. Organizing a Halloween party is a good way to mingle with new neighbors. So, it’s party time!

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