March 21, 2016

The Fall Equinox 2014

Photo not mine

Fall is one of the best season I like amongst the four, spring being the first. I love this season so much because the temperature is still bearable, the foliage is a sight to behold and the falling of crisp leaves to signal the onset of the colder months are just few of the reasons I hold autumn close to my heart.

And today, 22 September at 10:29 p.m. EDT, signals the start of the Fall Equinox according to the Fall equinox is the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. Equinox means “equal nights” and that translates to 12 hours of day and night. In reality though, it is not exactly half and half. You will know more about Equinox from the

For me, whether it’s equal hours of night and day any given day in fall has, I still love it. I just can’t get enough of autumn’s beautiful warm-colored foliage which is a contrary to the atmospheric temperature that it brings.

It’s time to take those winter clothes out, close the window shutters, save logs for the fireplace and prepare those yummy recipes that are very nice to cook during this festive season.

Happy Fall!

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