April 15, 2016

3 Simple Activities To Burn Calories For The Busy People

Ir’s already 2015 and have you started with your New Year’s Resolution? Is being fit, healthy and active for 2015 a part of that. If so, it is time we drop the “I’m too busy, I have no time to exercise” line and get on with the business.

Exercise does not have to be strenuous that you really have to sweat it out or pump up iron to build lean muscles and burn off some fats. Exercise also includes simple activities that you already do in a day to day basis. Here are some ways to exercise when you are too pressed for time. You can squeeze in these simple activities and routine even during office hours to ensure that you get to move around during the day.

Keep walking

Bring a cart to the market and walk when buying your grocery. Park somewhere far (but still safe and within visibility) so you can walk to the entrance. Take the stairs rather than the lift. Go for a morning walk with your dog. Walk in the park for at least 20 mins. or so and that should get your heart rate moving. Just keep walking and find every opportunity you can to walk rather than ride the transport or drive around in your car.

Clean the house

Who says cleaning does not burn calories? Cleaning exerts effort and a lot of movement so you get to not only burn calories but also flex your muscles.

Engage in short intervals of intense cardio workout in your routine

If you can only spare at least 30 mins. each day for your exercise then make it more effective by including short bursts of intense workout like sprinting while doing your normal treadmill routine.

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