April 3, 2016
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Tips on Being Fashionable but Not Trendy

Are you stuck in a style rut?  Do you breeze through magazines only to be intimidated by the stunning hair styles, fashions and jewelry on the models?  Many of us are.  While we desire to be fashionable, some of the trends are so far out there, and not very age appropriate for anyone past their late twenties, it can be almost paralyzing to decide on a fashion trend or direction.  Follow some of these tips to get your wardrobe and hair style on point.  The most important accessory you can wear will always be a genuine smile and relaxed self- confidence. These will never go out of style!
Take stock of your current makeup application and hairstyle.  Have you been wearing the same eyeshadow and lipstick shade for years?  Are you stuck in a hair style rut?  Fear of change is huge.  To get started, make an appointment with a new hair stylist in the Boston area.  Get referrals from friends that have hair styles that you’ve admired. Don’t be afraid to ask a stranger – it’s a compliment! Prior to your appointment, begin to assemble a few photos of hairstyles that believe would work well with your hair, shape of your face and be manageable.  Bring these photos with you to your appointment with the stylist. He will be able to let you know what would look the best with your facial features, hair texture and lifestyle.  Take a deep breath and follow their recommendations. One thing to bear in mind is the scale of the decision you’re making. It’s just hair. If you don’t like it, it will grow back out and you can select a different cut. Selecting a spouse for life and naming your child are major decisions.  Choosing a hairstyle is a short term decision.
After you have your great new hair style, head to the cosmetic counter I one of the major department stores in your area. Don’t be intimidated.  The technicians are pros and their sole job is to help you make selections.  Schedule a make-over.  Consult with the technician and then let her work her magic.  Take the tips and pointers, ask for direction and incorporate the suggestions into your new look. Welcome to the fashionable new you!

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