May 22, 2016

My Minted Planner

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I love planners. I am a chronic planner who loves to plan, change and then re-plan again. That’s how it goes for me as I always have back-up plans if the original one doesn’t happen or changes have to be done. Same way goes to owning several planners. I love journaling my feelings, my adventures, the dates and appointments I have to remember, special occasions and so much more. If I put them all in my nutshell, I’m not really sure how I will remember all those information.

So, it’s not a surprise if I own not just but 2 planners. I ordered this Minted planner few weeks ago. I am thinking of using it for 2016 because I am already in full swing using the other one. It’s nice to have a back-up which I will certainly use. Here’s a preview of the front and inner flap of my new planner:

(Both photos above taken from my Minted account)

This planner is one of the many designs you can find in Minted. I chose the owl because I just love owls and I am glad that Minted carries design like this one and they have fresh designs too from artists all over.

The planner has rounded edges which makes it crease-free and I like the fact that it has a perforated edge that I can tear off to mark that day or however you want that thing to work for you.

It also has dual flap at the back where the stickers are so you can insert notes, bills, pictures of families and friends and so much more.

You can personalise some of the journals, notebooks and planners in Minted and I have chosen to do so because I love putting my personal flair on my stuff. You can also choose either to bind the planner with grommets or spiral. If you choose the spiral bind, your notebook, planner, journal will be covered with additional hard plastic flat for that added protection.

There are stickers too to mark those special events and appointments so it makes your entry pop and colourful.

The inner flap is also personalised and you can add photo there, a dedication or just some thoughts you want to annotate for inspiration.

The inside of the planner provides a weeklong space with a dedicated area for your To-Do list. If you will buy the notebook, you can choose from graphic or ruled line or even blank one and the choice is yours.

There are few pages of ruled notes month-views too. You get a Month-view and some ruled notes after every 4-5 weeks in the planner in preparation for the new month’s entries.  The planner does not have specific Months and Year printed on the date entries so this makes a perfect gift anytime of the year. The only specific year mentioned is the first 2 pages for “the year at a glance” depending on when you ordered the product. Of course, if you will order in 2016, your year at a glance will be 2015 and 2016.

I love this planner. It’s not very thick but enough to jot down my thoughts and feelings and those important things I have to do. I can also beautify it further with stickers and other flat embellishments from my scrapbook stash.

So, if you’re planning to have one, it’s not yet late. Visit Minted and avail of their spring promo of 15% off sitewide!

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