July 2, 2016

Food Should Taste Good Chips – Pita Puffs

Thank you once again to Food Should Taste Good for sending me another bunch of tasty treats without leaving I and my family guilty.

The new Pita Puffs are great addition to the snacks of FSTG which are healthier option than commercialized chips you buy from the grocery store. The new Pita Puffs come in 4 distinct flavors and each one gives you that satisfying taste not all chips have.

The Pita Puffs are:

Our favorites amongst this batch are the Cinnamon Sugar and the Chive. If you haven’t tried FTSG chips yet, I would suggest you should and replace those bad chips with a healthier choice. You may order online from Food Should Taste Good site and taste the new Pita Puffs line.
Thanks FTSG! Once again, you have satisfied our ever discerning taste buds!

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