September 18, 2016

Review – Arkon Universal Smartphone Holder with Flexi Tripod

I have been looking for a small tripod for my smartphone and digital camera that I can use when I have to record unboxing of products, record practice drills for my brush lettering, and for my travels. I owned a small tripod for my digital camera before but the legs got loose and wobbly.

I found this Arkon Universal Smartphone Holder with Flexi Tripod at MobileFun. I am happy that I did because it is such a wonderful small tripod that fits my requirements.

What I like:

  • I can take it anywhere I go!
  • It is compatible to many devices, not just for smartphones, but also for small digital cameras. For full list of all the compatible devices, you may check it at the site
  • I am not worried about my shaky hands and blurred captures anymore.
  • The screw designs of the various components of this small tripod makes it also perfect for smaller cameras.
  • The legs can be bent and are flexible enough to be wrapped around objects such as branch of a tree or a chair’s arm to act as holding point for a good shot or new perspective shot.
  • The Arkon tripod is lightweight and has its own carry bag.
  • The holder that attaches to the tripod by screw has soft rubber/silicone-like guard so it doesn’t scratch the smartphone.
  • The guard is also adjustable so you can use even slightly larger smartphones.
  • It can be set up quickly. 

What I don’t like:

Nothing, it is the right small tripod for me and my use.

My recommendations:

If you’re like me who doesn’t like bulky accessories or has to fidget around to use a tripod, then the Arkon Universal Smartphone Holder with Flexi Tripod is the right one for you. I like the fact that I can wrap around branches or anywhere I can use as a handle for a new perspective or angle shot. Most tripods don’t do that. This one is very flexible and it surely fits my requirements. It is definitely going with me in all my travels!

The Arkon Universal Smartphone Holder with Flexi Tripod is available at You can also check out the myriad of phone and camera accessories available in

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