September 7, 2016
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Unique Prom Dresses

Attending a prom is one of the highlights of high school life. A lot of high schoolers find this occasion nerve-wracking while others jump with joy. What ever the feeling is, a prom is the time to dress up to the nines!
There are plenty of prom dresses available in the market. You can have them personally stitched, rent out, or buy online. There are also plenty of dress styles to choose from and you would want to certainly stand out.  So, what can be the best and unique prom dress to choose when you want to look fabulous without being too flamboyant?
You can choose your unique prom dress using these tips:
Red prom dresses and other dark shades like blue, fuchsia, and violet are usual colours chosen for an evening prom occasion. Be different. Wear black! Black prom dresses are certainly one of a kind. It is not a colour for the young and vibrant. Black signifies gloominess and at the same time, formality, confidence and elegance. There are plenty of black formal gowns to find online and on bridal magazines and you can definitely pick one that will suit your style.

Cut and style
Do you want to be conservative and covered? Do you want to be comfortable and show some skin but still being modest? Do you want to look like a princess for the night? Perhaps look like a celebrity walking down the red carpet? Choose your mood and how you want to carry yourself in the prom.
You can choose ballgowns, mermaid style, A-cut, low neck or v-neck, high neck gowns, backless or lacy silhouette. It is your choice.

You may want to wear a cocktail dress if you prefer short prom dresses especially if you will be dancing the night away. Shorter hems prevent you from stepping on your own dress accidentally and prevents mishaps, tripping or snagging on the hem line.

If you want to looks all dolled up, you can opt for a floor length prom dresses too!

Want to be edgier? Try the asymmetrical hemline where the front is shorter and the back is longer, giving your dress that bridal train look.

How about the materials? Have you decided what materials your prom dress should have? Would you like a dress that flows with the wind due to its soft and light materials? Do you like a rather grand prom dress that has beadwork, sequins, crystals and the works.
Your prom dress can be made up of many fine materials like tulle, organza, lace, satin, feathers, and many more.
For more formal events, you can opts for satin gowns with beadwork and crystals. For a vintage look, you can get a prom dress with lace and see-through organza or tulle.

For somethings fabulous (and certainly very grand!), you can opt for fully beaded and crystal encrusted gowns.

Do you want to be playful, chic, mod, and really unique? Try incorporating unconventional materials like denim, velvet, and even feathers!

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