October 22, 2016

How To Care For Your Leather Boots During Fall and Winter Season

The cold months have finally arrived and I love that! I enjoy the cold season because that can only mean one thing for me – boots season! It’s time to take out the stylish warm garments you have stashed in the closet for a while.  And it is the perfect time to take out those pretty leather boots to compliment your Fall and Winter look.

Leather boots are one of the staples of cold season get-up.  They keep our feet and legs warm and dry. And just like caring for your family or beloved pets, they also need some tender loving care in order to keep their shape intact, remain supple, crack free, scratch proof, and stay durable for a long period of time.

Here are tips on how to care for your leather boots during the cold seasons.

Regular cleaning

Even if you’re not wearing your leather boots, they need to be tended to in a regular basis to ensure that dirt, grime, and other particles are removed to prevent staining and lengthen their lifespan.

Do not use harsh chemicals or substances to your leather boots. Just wet a piece of cloth with water, or you may add mild dish soap then gently rub your boots to wipe off dirt.

Use the proper brushes for the type of leather 

Not all leather used in boots are the same. Depending on the type of leather used, some boots will have fine, smooth grain or finish while the others may be suede or Nubuck. Suede and Nubuck leathers are more textured and have fibers so they need special brushes to clean off dirt.

This brush is used for Suede and Nubuck leathers.
Photo credit: hangerproject.om

If your leather boots are made of other animals’ hide like calf, horse, buffalo, etc., then you may have to use a different brush for them since they will have different grains and textures.

Condition your leather

It is wise to not be too stringent when it comes to caring for your boots. Although you need not splurge on the most expensive brand of leather condition in the market, it is best to have one leather conditioner you can use to keep your leather boots’ fibers supple.

Leather needs to be tended depending on various factors of your usage. Just like our skin loses its flexibility and suppleness due to many factors such as aging, lifestyle, environment;  the leather on boots must also be nourished regularly as it is the only way it can get nourishment from us.

The longer your boots have been used in arid conditions, then the more they should be conditioned every two weeks. If you use them in harsh winter conditions, then a weekly conditioning is ideal.

Also, be cautious when you are conditioning your boots. They may have the tendency to “slightly” darken your leather. You may not want your leather dark (even they will go through the process of patina* over long usage eventually) so before you condition your boots, you may want to test a small area to check if it darkens. This result may vary depending on the conditioner you use.

(Photo from krsaddleshop.com)

Store your leather boots properly 
You don’t just kick them off your feet and leave them where you want to. They need to be stored properly and away from direct sunlight and other elements.
I have invested on leather boots “shoe tree” to keep the shape of the boots so that they are still upright even when I store them away after the cold season.  Shoe trees also allow air to circulate inside your boots so even when they are tucked away, rest assure that they are getting the proper ventilation they need to let those leather breathe.

(Photo from krsaddleshop.com)

Sample of a shoe tree:

Photo credit: amazon.com

Save this infographic below for your guide on boot care tips from krsaddleshop.com. King Ranch offers a wide range of durable cowboy boots and stylish cowgirl boots.

Having learned these tips, ensure that your leather boots get the regular cleaning and safekeeping they deserve to remain sturdy, durable, and lasting.

*patina – darkening of leather shade in the passing of time

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