November 2, 2016

Health Benefits of Pineapple

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To be honest, pineapple is the least fruit I want to eat because it can make my tongue very itchy and there’s always no guarantee that what I’ll buy from the supermarket is sweet. So, I always pass this up when I buy my fruits in the produce section.

Thinking of its health benefits, I must admit that I do have to consider having pineapple regularly as it packed in nutrients with very little calorie. It is also cholesterol-free and fat-free and is very rich in Vitamin C which helps in lowering your risk in heart disease, cancer, gout, cataracts and stroke.

Since it is packed with vitamins and nutrients, it is good in improving your immune system and strengthen your bones and connective tissues because of its manganese level which is a trace mineral that helps in building and strengthening bones and tissues.

Include pineapples in your snacks or meals daily for a more healthy and nutritious diet.

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