November 4, 2016

Review – AYL Starlight 330 LED Lantern #StarLight330

** I received this product for free for evaluation purposes. My findings are 100% mine and may vary from yours.

This AYL Starlight LED Lamp really lives up to its purpose – it really illuminates brightly. That is the first thing I liked about it. It also comes with 3 settings. You can choose super bright, medium bright and the third one can be used as a blinker for emergencies or road side assistance warning device.

What I like:
It is not heavy.

I like the compact size of this product. It’s just around 7 inches high excluding the handle but it packs so much power in illuminating the surrounding areas.

The 2nd setting is really, really bright and bright enough to illuminate a small room decently.
It is a LED lantern and lasts longer than other battery-operated lamps with bulbs. It is like the LED kitchen ceiling lights we have in our home which is economical because it lasts long and saves on electricity.
No need for kerosene to light this up.

What I didn’t like:
There are few things that I didn’t like much about this product. 
First is, I find it hard to re-twist or close the bottom part where you have to put the 3 “D” size batteries. 
2nd, it is quite cumbersome to look for that size of batteries because it’s not common anymore. I had to search several groceries to find some.

Photo not mine

3rd, the blinker blinks a bit fast with only few milli seconds interval. I think the flashing strobe just blinks fast that it slightly gave me a headache and you can’t stare at it. There should be a warning on the box or instructional leaflet that it is not advisable for those with epilepsy or seizures. I don’t have epilepsy but I just find the blinking very uncomfortable. *Please watch the demo video below.
Lastly, I would have preferred this to be a rechargeable product because it’s easier that way rather than buy batteries. However, if it is rechargeable, it would not make sense at all to use it for camping when you have no access to electrical outlets unless you have your car battery with you as main source of power.

My recommendation:
Despite those features that I didn’t really quite like, the product itself is not bad. It actually is a good one and really lives it for its purpose. It is waterproof but not splash proof. You can handle it 2 ways – one using the handle or invert it at the bottom, there’s another small handle to use and you can remove the casing for optimum brightness and coverage.

I will still recommend this product. Like I mentioned earlier, it is a good product despite of the things I didn’t like and because those are my preference. It is bright and will be useful for camping, outdoor activities and emergencies. Just be careful when you set it on the flash strobe mode.

You can purchase this product from Amazon.

(A similar review is also available in my Amazon profile)

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