December 8, 2016
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Top Five Gifts For The Young Lady In Your Life

Shopping for the holiday season means purchasing gifts for everyone in your life. If the taste of the receiver in question is much different from your own, this can become a very big problem. Because of this men shopping for women or older women shopping for young girls may be at a loss when trying to decide just what to buy and where to purchase that perfect item for the young ladies in their lives. 

Those who are shopping for classy young women should look towards the goods found in a trendy clothing boutique targeted towards young ladies or in the misses section of their favorite department store. If you’re not sure what to look for. That’s ok, because we have compiled a list of the top five gifts for the young lady in your life. Our buying guide is perfect for those who are absolutely clueless. 

1) Dresses – Even if you are unsure of the exact size of the woman you are shopping for, a dress is a fairly easy purchase. Because dresses usually do not require exact dimensions, you should be able to guess the size with some measure of accuracy. Floral prints, peasant style dresses, loose fit long sleeve collar dresses, and shift dresses are currently in style. 

2) Shoes – Buying shoes will require that you find out the size of the person you are shopping for. Because it is winter, look for a stylish pair of boots. Found in a variety of colors and styles, short boots and booties are currently popular among young women.

3) Purses – Purses are always a welcome accessory in the life of any lady. Available in a variety of styles, fringe is a current popular trend in ladies handbags. If you would like to play it safe, try a classic leather clutch in either brown or black. 

4) Candles – For the girl into relaxation and meditation, there are many lovely all-natural candles scented with essential oils. These are perfect for creating a relaxed mood or a homey atmosphere. 

5) Perfume – Whether you’re shopping for a scent to fit your favorite teen, or you’re buying for yourself, a department store’s fragrance aisle can be an overwhelming place. It is helpful when shopping for a perfume to consult with one of the associates. Let them know who you are buying for and what their interests are. Popular scents for young women include Kate Perry’s Purr Eau De Parfum, Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift, and Viva La Juicy Perfume by Juicy Couture. 

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