January 21, 2017
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How To Sell Homemade Products Online

The need to augment one’s household income is a good motivational factor to encourage many people to consider selling homemade products online. Having an online business is easily achievable nowadays especially with the help of social media and the thriving technology.

It is a good idea to tap your inner talent in creating items that are worthy to be sold and in doing so, you add income to your household. One way of showcasing your products is to offer them for sale via e-commerce.  However, you do not straight away open a website and start selling. There are things to consider and check before doing so.

Check regulations or laws concerning selling online

Deciding to open an online business is a matter where you do not just open out of whim. There are certain guidelines to consider if you want to run your business through e-commerce. The regulations normally applies when selling certain items like perishable goods such as foods and drinks.

Business permits are often required for most online business especially if you are going to sell items in large volumes. You may also need to check zoning regulations and other requirements if you are going to mass-produce items from your home.

Identify the product you want to make

Are you very good in baking? Do you like sewing clothes, bags or other stuff? How about painting? Are your products really of good quality that people will like to own?

Whether it is one or many items you want to sell, pinpoint the products you want to offer in your online site to move to the next process of selling online.

Make a budget for your capital

Decide on a capital you can afford to spare for this business endeavor. Make your budget very realistic and try to think of a business where the product you will sell does not require big capital to be created. Work on a business opportunity that is manageable with a very minimal cash out.

Do some feasibility studies

Deciding to open an online business is not a walk in the park. It requires research, marketing and strategic planning, testing of product, sourcing of materials, development and production of materials, sourcing of packaging, knowing the target market, pricing, methods of advertising, and handling payment and other logistics.

There are processes to considers before you can start your online business even if it is a small scale opportunity.

Create your online presence

Create your website where you can offer your products for sale. There are plenty of platform that offers free templates with free usage of shopping cart. Wix is a site where you can set up your online business.  You can also try creating free Facebook page where you can post photos of your products if you do not wish to create online site.

Etsy is site where crafters and handmade artisans sell their precious wares and products. Etsy gets a small percentage from your sales every month.


For early starters, you can use the conventional way of advertising your site and products by simple word-of-mouth.  You can also post photos of your products in your social media channels and ask family and friends to share in their wall posts. You can print business cards, and flyers and distribute to your community, neighborhood, family and friends and ask them to help you spread the information around.  If you have allocated a budget to create ads that will catch the attention of many by posting on social media ads and even on print, then you may do so to help promote your business further.

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