January 19, 2017
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Why Nursing is the Ideal Career Choice for Moms

If you enjoy helping your family live a healthy life, why not consider doing this for a career. The current nursing shortage in the United States has led to job vacancies in all areas of nursing. Studying for a nursing degree can be done online, and part time, so you can study while at home with your family. And after you graduate and enter the workforce, you will find nursing careers to offer very generous hours.

According to an infographic created by Maryville University, the average nurse works between 40 and 42 hours per week. Nurses also have much more fulfilling careers than doctors, and find that their working hours leave them with plenty of time to spend with their families. If you are considering nursing careers, read the infographic below for more information and figures.

Maryville University created this infographic.

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