February 18, 2017

Is it Time to Breakup With Your Job?

Far too many people spend every day at a job they hate. Wondering if you should leave your job behind and move on to something new? Read on for tips that will help you make your decision.

1. You’re not in charge of your schedule.

If you’re not a morning person, you may not be accomplishing a lot in the first part of your work day. When you choose your schedule, you can base it on when your energy levels are their highest. When you don’t set your own schedule, you’re on someone else’s time table, which isn’t always conducive to great work.

2. You can’t decide what to wear.

There are few things that limit individuality as much as being required to wear a uniform. If you have to follow some sort of dress code, you may not feel free enough to really explore your creativity. It’s difficult to focus on work when you’re uncomfortable in your clothes.

3. You hope you don’t grow up to be like your boss.

If you’re trying with all your might to not become like your boss, you should ask yourself how long you plan on working for them. When you don’t respect your boss, it’s difficult to work for them day in and day out. What is it you’re working towards if you can’t stand management? If you work for someone like Shahram Shirkhani, on the other hand, you may aspire to be like them.

4. You feel drained at the end of each day.

There’s a difference between being tired after putting in a hard and productive day of work, and feeling like you’ve had the life sucked out of you by the time the clock strikes five. Whatever’s dragging you down, it’s important to pinpoint it and determine if it’s something that can change or if it’s simply the nature of the job.

5. You have no power to change anything.

If you’re not allowed to make suggestions or offer up new, more efficient methods of doing things, you probably feel stuck and shut down. A good boss and a quality company will want to have staff members who are proactive and feel comfortable making suggestions. What kind of company wouldn’t want to be more efficient and productive?

If you’re bored, miserable, or working on things that simply don’t matter to you, it may be time to start job hunting. Make sure you follow your company’s rules about leaving the job the right way. This will help you to make a good impression at your next interview.

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