April 2, 2017

ArthroPet Collagen Pet Rescue Wafers Review

** I received this product for free in exchange of my unbiased review.

If you follow my blog, you probably know I am a doting mom to my daughter and a fur baby whom we call Millie, the Diva Dog. She’s our adopted dog and I have taken her in when she was around 5 or 6 years old already. Even the previous owners were unsure of her real age as she was also rescued form a dumpster when she was a puppy. So, Millie is our precious baby because she has been given twice the chance to live a happy and normal doggie life.

Millie cannot be forever young. We adopter her last 2009 and now that she is around either 11 or 12 and that is old for a dog’s age. She is still lively and robust for her age but now as jumpy as the past.

I have received the Arthropet for our Millie to try. NeoCell’s Arthropet Collagen Pet Rescue dietary supplement wafers is a help for our Millie. She has been running around like she was when she was younger. She loves the Arthropet so much. And why did I say that? Well, as soon as I opened the bottle’s protective seal, she smelled it already and ran to me to beg for one.

I think my Millie loves the Arthropet because I give her one in the morning before her main breakfast and she chows it down even when she’s still sleepy. And that doesn’t feel each time I give her in the morning. She eats it with gusto and starts to become lively even at 6 in the morning! She’s normally a morning dog but not that early. With Arthropet, she just wakes up and starts wagging her tail like a little puppy begging for more food.

The Arthropet wafer does have a weird odour similar to my Millie’s dog treats. It has that weird cheesy-meaty smell you commonly smell from dog treats. However, it’s not as bad as the other treats I have bought my dog in the past.

As for my Millie’s “bounce,” she’s a bit perky. She doesn’t run around like she used to when she was younger but since she took Arthropet, she seems to be running around more. She still can’t jump on our couch but the fact that she “attempts” to jump on the couch is a big improvement.

It said that “collagen” is good for dogs because they need it for their joints and overall health just like we do. So, the Arthropet Collagen Pet Rescue dietary supplement is a perfect addition to my Millie’s daily vitamins to help her ageing joints.

Aside from giving our Millie a boost on her joint’s health and condition, Arthropet also helps in improving her overall coat.

It contains:

I highly recommend this to help your fur babies with their ageing joints and help ease degenerative tissues related diseases in dogs.

Please watch this short video clip of my fur baby Millie and her first taste of Arthropet.

Thanks for watching!

To know more about this product, please visit NeoCell’s website.

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