April 19, 2017
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My Dream Strapless Red Dress

I love dressing up when I was slimmer and younger. I used to attend parties wearing strapless red dress because I was more confident. And then I became a mother and my body changed to accommodate the growing baby inside me. Many years later, my body has evolved into a rounder built that caused me to hide in loose clothing.

I know, one’s shape should not define a person’s persona. Maybe I am just not used to the fact that I am rotund now than ever because my body didn’t become round until I pushed 40s. I want to change that perspective about carrying myself with confidence and pride no matter my shape and size.

So, I am dreaming of a strapless red dress to be my “goal” so I can stay on the track of keeping fit and healthy.  I really want to be fit not because I want to fit in these dresses I like but also because I want to live a healthy lifestyle.

These dresses are figure flattering and to see myself wearing these will be a dream goal for this year. Besides, I have formal events to attend to early next year and by the 3rd quarter of 2018 for my daughter’s graduation. I think I have to dress up to the nines for those occasions.

I started cleaning my eating habits. I seldom drink sodas now. I eat more fruits and vegetables and have started engaging in regular walks with my husband. It is a lot of effort but I suppose it is all worth the hardships as long as the end result is meeting my healthy goal.

Those are my wishlist concomitant to my healthy lifestyle goal. I know it is achievable and really doable as long as I put my heart and soul into making it happen.

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