May 25, 2017
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Does hypnosis work to quit smoking?

To a non-smoker, it seems easy to quit. Just don’t smoke anymore. The reality is a lot more complicated, and the willpower needed to just “stop smoking”. Deeply rooted behavior patterns, cravings and the physical symptoms that come from nicotine withdrawal are all part of the problem, and they are all aspects of quitting that can be addressed with hypnosis.
Hypnotherapists commonly offer programs for smokers, and there are various hypnosis downloads that can be found online as well.
Physical Symptoms
Firstly, there are the symptoms that come from your body’s withdrawal from nicotine. The increased hunger or urge to snack (often leading to weight gain), fatigue, coughing and headaches are a few examples of how your body reacts when you quit. Believe it or not, hypnosis can help. Even physical complaints can be reduced with a “mind over matter” approach. If your thoughts are convinced that you’re not hungry, or that your headache isn’t very bad, then you will start to feel that way.
Mental Symptoms
How your mind and emotions react to the loss of nicotine is just as difficult as your body’s reactions. Restlessness, anxiety, nervousness, irritability and even depression are all very common for smokers who are quitting. Using hypnosis to focus your thoughts elsewhere and to calm your stresses can make your quitting period much less frustrating.
Simple relaxation techniques and suggestions that you are not feeling anxious at all can go a long way to keep you on an even keel during this period.
Breaking the Habit
Aside from withdrawal itself, it can be very difficult to break with a long-standing routine in your mind. The act of going out for a smoke can be such an ingrained part of your day that it is as much of a draw as the cigarette itself, especially if there is a social component where friends or colleagues are doing the same. This is one of the easiest problems to ease with hypnotism. A simple suggestion that you don’t want to smoke helps eliminate the habit.
In most cases, the craving you feel for a smoke is more rooted in the habit than the addiction. Once you create new (healthier) habits, you’ll stop noticing the gap in your life very quickly. Hypnotism can help you keep your mind on other things, prompt you to chew gum or some other replacement activity each time you think about having a cigarette.
So on any of these 3 fronts; you can use hypnotic suggestion to change how you think and how you’re feeling about smoking. It is not a magic wand, and it will not make it impossible for you to smoke. There does still need to be some effort on your part to leave the old habits behind. But if you have a strong enough desire to make it work, that helps the hypnotism work even better because it’s your own thoughts that are the key. Forget the physical addiction, and focus on how your mind is the solution.

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