May 6, 2017
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Gowns for Wedding Occasion

I will attend a wedding next year. I am quite excited because this is the first time I am going to act as a Principal Sponsor to my Godson. I have been the Godmother of my Godson during his Baptismal, and to stand as a Godparent who will fulfill the duties of being another parent is such an honor that I seriously take. It is not very often when someone is being asked to become their honorary mom twice. And I will take that as something special.
So, yes, I am in search for the perfect principal gown to wear for the big event next year. I have to physically prepare for it as I need to fit properly in the gown. I am searching the internet for inspiration with searches such as cheap bridesmaid dresses Australia to help me find the perfect one for me.
I saw plenty of dresses that I fancy in and I think I can actually find one that I can wear in the event. Being a principal sponsor is a big thing so I should dress to the nines!

Zipper-up Evening Lace Summer Bateau Spring All Sizes Floor-Length Dress


I found this one to suit my personality. I like how it flows and exudes sophistication without being over the top. And then I saw the wedding gowns too! Wow! I mean, my wedding gown was fabulous (thanks to my cousin who is a couturier!) but there are plenty of designs for wedding gowns now that are up-to-date and stylish just like this one:

This gown reminds me so much of my own wedding gown. One day, I’d like to see my daughter walk down the isle wearing a similar one, if not my own wedding gown.

I have made my selections and will narrow down few months before the big day. I hope by then, I am a bit slimmer and fitter.

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