May 5, 2017
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My Dream Gown

I wasn’t always this rotund to be very honest. I only got plumper when I hit early 40s. I used to be size 0 and that is without exaggeration.  I would often purchase my garments from the pre-teens just to find the perfect fit. However, time hasn’t been very kind to me (and not to mention my bad lifestyle!). I actually stopped living a healthy life for sometime thinking I would always get back to my old size after a few rounds in the park. That’s not the case anymore. Age is catching up and my sedentary lifestyle has caused me to become very round, and a bit insecure.
I am now in my mid-40s and trust me, mid-life crisis does exist! It is not easy to come into terms with my fuller figure now but it is also not impossible. I just have to change my perspective.
With that, I have been browsing at formal gowns that I can wear to a wedding next year where I will stand as a godmother to my god son in his wedding. I want to prepare myself for it and want to be fit not because I want to look good in the gown of my dreams but I want to feel good.
There are plenty of formal gowns out there that I want to try and imagine myself wearing but there is just a certain few that really makes me smile from ear to ear. For now, I just imagine myself in the gown and in few months, I hope to see myself wearing the gown of my choice.


(Photo credit: TBdress)

The gown is simple but I love being simple with grace. I imagine myself wearing it with a flatter tummy area to make it look more billowy, just how I love how my formal gowns to flow.
I am also looking at sites that caters to fuller-figured ladies like myself and provide tips and services to help ladies like myself to overcome their insecurities with dressing up styles they think and feel are not appropriate for their size too. Sites like Dia&Co provides boxes for ladies my size and bigger. They contain outfits and accessories as per your preference which you have all indicated when you created your fit and style profile. They make it easier for you to embrace your figure because they will help you find the right clothes and accessories that will compliment your figure. They ship you the box filled with things you can try out. You receive them, try them on and return the ones you don’t fancy. You only get charged for what you have kept and you also get a discount for the styling fee! It’s really that simple!
So, I will be doing my best to live a healthier lifestyle so at least I can shed some pounds and fit in that gown I want to wear. If not, there will be more styles and cuts of formal gowns I could wear to accentuate my best asset and that will be my love for ME.

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