May 17, 2017

My Newchic Online Shopping Experience

It is 2016! It’s time to update my wardrobe collection, well at least, some of them that I haven’t worn for the whole of 2015.

I haven’t shopped for clothing for sometime except for few blouses to wear in the office. So I am very glad to be given this opportunity to review some of Newchic’s merchandise. Lucky me!

About Newchic

Newchic is an online shopping site that specialises in ladies’ and gents’ clothing and accessories such as bags, shoes, jewelries, etc. There are plenty of products to choose from. You will certainly enjoy going through the numerous collections they have in the site.

Site features

The site is easy to navigate with simple template and use of colours are not very bold. I like the simplicity of the site that it makes it easy for the visuals to pop. It also has a responsive template that goes well with either Android, iOS and other browsers and gadgets.

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There are tabs on the upper part of the site to help you with ease in navigating the various categories of products Newchic carries, including clearance sale and their top sale. You can head straight to the sale part if you’re in a tight budget.

The site’s main language is English but you can choose from Russian, Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese. I did notice that there’s no Asian languages included. That would be a nice thing, like in Japanese, Chinese, South Korean or Thai. That will be great for Asian visitors viewing Newchic.

You can also search for products in the search bar for quick reference, just type in any keyword and you will find a hit.

The upper portion of the site contains your account information, shopping cart and the help tab. All these are clearly visible once you land in Newchic’s site.


Newchic carries a wide variety of apparel and accessories in their line.

Coats and jackets
Hoodies and sweatshirts
Shirts and vests
Business attire
Cardigans and sweaters
Beauty accessories
Other fashion accessories for men and women such as hats, shawls, glasses, socks, belts, etc.

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Price range

The products listed in Newchic are actually affordable. The site carries blouses ranging from $3+ to $22+ depending on the style and materials. I honestly think that Newchic is one of the trendiest online shopping site for clothing and accessories that sells really affordable and stylish products with high quality materials. I can vouch for that as I have received some products that I will feature in my blog from Newchic. The items I received are really beautiful with high quality materials that I can also find in well-known high-street brands like Forever 21 or even at H&M.


Newchic ships worldwide using various secured and well-known couriers. Some shipping can also be covered with registration via regular airmail in some international countries.

Payment methods

The site accepts Paypal and other credit cards for payment.

Points system

This is one of the plus features of Newchic. They offer points system which you can accumulate and redeem for a coupon you can use on your next purchase. You can earn points while buying stuff from Newchic, by reviewing and posting your purchase on their site and by verifying your email as you register. $1 = 1 point and you can save up as much as you like to redeem your coupons later on.

If you’re looking for affordable apparel and would like to enjoy savings, you can check out Newchic and make use of their regular sales and clearances.

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