May 30, 2017

Three Unique Themes to Use for Your Party Invitations

Are you tired of boring and traditional looking party invitations? Are you looking to step outside the box and use themes that aren’t often thought of? Unique looking party invitations are a great way to get them noticed, and may even increase interest in your party. So, before you resort to the same old boring invitation, you may want to check out these three unique themes that will have your guests taking a second-look.

For the Movie and Music Lovers

This is a really fun theme for anyone who loves movies and/or music, in particular live music events. You can use an invitation that looks like a ticket to an event. It can look like a movie ticket, or a concert ticket and even contain fun details like your row number, which would actually be the address/location of the party; the title of the event, which would be the birthday boy/girl’s name; and the date.

For an added touch of uniqueness, you can label the “ticket” as a VIP Pass, punch a hole in the top, and attach a string so you turn it into a lanyard.

A Personalized Photo Invitation

This one isn’t a particular theme, rather it is an element you can work into any theme. When you include a personalized photo on the invite, you totally elevate its “coolness” factor. You can pick a funny picture, or something a bit more flattering depending on the look you are going for. You can even get creative and just crop the person’s head and use it with another image.

Create a Newsletter or Newspaper Page

Since you are, in fact, making an announcement (you are announcing a party), why not go all out and make it part of the news! You can use the theme of either a newsletter or newspaper, making the birthday party the main headline of course. All the party details can be included in the “story”, and depending on the space available, you can then fill the rest of the page with other fun stories about the birthday girl/boy.

Typically, this party invitation works best on a letter or legal sized paper so you can take advantage of the extra space.

Where to Find Unique Themes?

Of course, now that we’ve covered a few really cool and unique themes, the next question becomes where can you find invitations like these? Unfortunately, the stores tend to stock just the traditional looking invitations, which is why it may be best to make your own.

You can use the Adobe Spark online party invitations tool to create anything you want. With this tool, you can choose the size, theme, images, and font used on the invitation. The end results can be as unique and customized as you want.

Send Out Invitations that Will Get Noticed

So, go ahead and get creative with your party invitations, and they will be noticed like never before. Just be sure to carry the unique theme from the invitation over to the party itself!

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