June 1, 2017

Hearts and Haunts for Halloween: Scary Celebrating for Couples

Many couples, especially those without children, have trouble figuring out what to do on Halloween. Here are some fun ideas that won’t make you feel like you’ve outgrown this spooktacular holiday.

Go Trick-Or-Treating
What ever happened to good old trick-or-treating? Seriously. If Halloween is known for anything, it’s getting free candy from strangers. The practice isn’t as common as it used to be, but many people still do it.
Make costumes or buy one and take your sweetie out for a night of fun. If you’re making your own, you can save a lot of money. If you’re not very crafty, go to a consignment shop. You can usually pick up something fairly cheap – perhaps for under $10.
You could also buy used costumes from classified ads or auctions. Trade with a friend, keep it simple with face paint.

Tour A Haunted House
Going to a haunted house usually doesn’t cost a lot of money. Many of them are free. Of course, if a place is charging $10 a head, you might want to rethink it.
But, nearly every city has at least one, usually several. So, shop around and keep your eye open for free or nearly-free visits.
When you do go, hold hands. And, if you’re going with your man, make a point of getting scared (even if it’s not that scary). Let your man be the brave one “protecting” you from all of the scary ghouls. Men: time to be brave. Protect your lady.

Go Through A Corn Maze
A corn maze is fun, scary, and cheap. While they aren’t as common as they once were, there’s still plenty of them to explore – especially if you live in the country. Sure, if you’re walking through an organized event that charges admission, it can cost a lot, but many of them don’t. Corn mazes are something you probably did when you were a kid and just forgot about.
For some, there’s nothing better than spending a night amongst the corn with the love of your life. Get lost in the dark and bump into a scarecrow or two. By the time you’re done having fun, the sun might be up.

See A Movie At A Drive-In
This is the quintessential “dinner and a movie” play, but on Halloween, it can be a lot of fun, especially if you dress up for it. Costumes don’t have to be complicated either. Many of them are easy and awesome – even for guys.
Scary movies are also a great way for you to get closer to each other, and test each other’s mental fortitude. Can he really handle a scary movie? Will she cower and bury her head into your shoulder?
Drive-ins are also a little bit nostalgic. Think about it. You get to sit there in your car, eating popcorn and drinking soda, tuning in your radio to listen to the movie.
And, if you get bored, there’s plenty of other things you can do.

Joanna C. Madison is a couples psychologist. She enjoys sharing her insights on relationships by posting online. Her articles are available mostly on lifestyle and entertainment sites.

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