June 19, 2017
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Review – Nu Skin's Epoch Polishing Bar

I have a problem area in my nape and it was caused by some rashes I have scratched during my last visit to the Philippines. I got the rashes when I was sweating profusely due to the humid weather, and next thing I knew it, they were raw. Since I didn’t take care of them properly, they eventually dried up and turned brownish. So, I have a discoloration in my nape, and it doesn’t look very good.

I have a fair skin. I always tie my hair to a ponytail so people behind me will see how dark my nape is. I thought it was a lost cause for me. I tried using “papaya whitening lotion” on my nape. I tried lemon juice too just to lighten the brown spots around my nape area. None of them made the discoloration lighter except for one – Nu Skin’s Epoch Polishing Bar.

I have used the product for almost 2 weeks when I notice the difference. The brownish discoloration has lightened in some parts. And my nape looks cleaner too.

(Photo has not been edited with any filters. I only added the watermarks/texts. ©riablahgs.com)

You can see that my skin tone has lightened around the nape area. The few reddish rashes also dried up. There are still few brownish spots that I hope will still lighten with the continued use of the Polishing Bar.

This polishing bar sloughs off impurities of your skin. I also use this polishing bar on my upper arms where I have ingrown hair.  They skin texture on my upper arms have also improved. It still not as smooth as I want them to be but not very bumpy unlike before.

Benefits of using the Epoch Polishing Bar:

Sisku’pas (Tsuga heterophylla) effectively removes dirt, excess oil, and other impurities without the use of soap
Gently polishes, leaving skin feeling clean and fresh.
Removes dirt, excess oil, and other impurities without the use of soap.
Deep woods fragrance is reminiscent of the Pacific Northwest.
$0.25 from each Polishing Bar sold goes toward the Force for Good campaign, which assists various cultures and projects around the world.

My recommendation:

Yes! Yes! Yes! I am amazed by the results and how it made my nape smoother, and lighter. I also like the fact that I could use the polishing bar all over my body, especially on areas where I rough patches like on my upper arms and legs. You should try it!


For UAE/Phils.  – You can order directly from me, just leave me a message at mommaglama at yahoo dot com.

From customers in other regions/countries – please check the info below to order:

Visit www.nuskin.com and look for your region/country. Click on that to sign up as either a CUSTOMER* or a DISTRIBUTOR.

Please use this sponsorship ID to create your Customer account to be able to purchase.


If you want to be a DISTRIBUTOR of the amazing products of Nu Skin, then you can sign up to the country/region where you are from (check www.nuskin.com for the list of countries/regions). This is FREE and I will include you in my team of very supportive folks.

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Please send me a snapshot of your confirmation ID once you sign up as a Distributor as I need to provide you all the support you need. 🙂 You can email that info at mommaglama at yahoo dot com.

*If you are from US/Canada, European countries, Australia and New Zealand, then you have the option to sign up as a customer.


I am a Nu Skin Independent Distributor. I have bought this product to test personally. My honest feedback is 100% all mine, including the before/after photo in this post. I only review products that I think and feel will be beneficial to my readers. 

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