June 16, 2017

TheOneSpy App with parental controls and child lock

TheOneSpy is a software application launcher along with parental controls & child lock. TheOneSpy prevents kids from downloading new applications, making phone calls, texting as well as performing other actions that could cost you money. It also protects the personal info when teens are using the phone, kindle fire, as well as tablet through restricting them to applications you approve. Includes convenience features for parents such as auto application restart, helpful for small children who accidentally exit launched applications.

TheOneSpy is permitting parents to filter out grownup content, restrict application purchases, set time to make use of limits and also even monitor call, Text messages and also Internet activity. Along with GPS, you could find out just where the kid is, anytime, wherever. We want just to defend them through a lot of online dangers which they could face on the Web. We are acquainted with that teens, and also young adults do not have sufficient experience to avoid unsafe situations and also protect themselves. That is the causes why parents wish for to control the internet activities of the kids. TheOneSpy is the most excellent method to do this.

Advantages to you

· Enables parents to keep real-time tabs on which the teen chats, e-mails and also SMS messages with

· Ability to judge through GPS positioning where they actually are vs. where they SAY they are

· Ability to examine and also identify the network of contacts

· You could set up alerts intended for specific numbers so that you could listen in to live calls.

Major Features of TheOneSpy:

In fact, TheOneSpy is one of the most apps on the market of spy app. It could be proved through the list of features that this app could provide. This phone monitoring app lets its subscribers take complete access to the target phone as well as tablet and also to control it remotely. The tracing will become easy and also fast thanks to the set of spying features. TheOneSpy makes it possible to manage:

Phone Calls: TheOneSpy will provide you a chance to track all incoming and also outgoing phone calls of the consumer of the target phone. The application will gather all info such as contact names, a period of the calls, date and also time logs. After gathering the information, the app will send it to you as well as upload to the personal account;

Photos, Video clips, Other Media Files: This spying application gives you a chance to get access to all media files and also to control it. View remotely photographs, video clips, screenshots, other media files;

Messengers: you could control all text messages and also chats on social messengers such as Viber, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc;

Text messages: you’ll have a capacity to control all sent and also received SMS messages. Yet deleted messages will be in full look using TheOneSpy. Consequently, there are going to be no secrets;

Social media actions: it’s possible to control all activities on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. You could spy on conversations, photographs, posts, comments of the user of the target phone;

GPS location: monitor the current GPS location. By means of the assist of this application, you could get timely and also relevant info on the GPS location of the consumer of the target phone. The application will upload this info to your individual control panel. Gps navigation info is going to be displayed on the map through your request.


You will find special works which could be provided through TheOneSpy. These features make the spying more secure and also comprehensive.

Address Book – you could control all details of the address book of the objective phone like names, numbers, e-mails, dates of birthday which are stored in the memory of the target device;

Calendar, Events – control all proceedings on the calendar on the target cell phone. You are going to be able to control all scheduled events and also group meetings;

Passwords -you could control all passwords. TheOneSpy could capture all passwords, all symbols that are typed on the target cell phone.

Browser History – you could use TheOneSpy for spying web browser history. You could control the history of all visited sites. There is too extremely helpful option of blocking some sites which you think inappropriate;

Notes, Reminders – control these actions through using copies of all proceedings, reminders, and also notes of the user of the target cell phone.

All gathered information is going to be uploaded to the personal control panel. Consequently, you’ll be able to view and also control it online. TheOneSpy provides you an aptitude to manage this information from any device that has the Internet connection when you desire to do this.


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