June 24, 2017

Think You're Cut Out For Showering In Cold Water?

Although the thought of having cold water showers in all seasons may sound weird but showering with cold water has various benefits on your health. Often referred as “Scottish shower” or the “James Bond Shower,” this practice of showering in cold water not only has physical benefits but are also associated with several psychological benefits.
Most of the people avoid showering in cold water as they cannot tolerate the chills they are left with. However, there are many pieces of evidence available which emphasize the importance of showering in cold water. Showering in cold water is also a custom observed in several parts of the world. In the ancient world, Romans indulged into taking series of rooms with heaters followed by a final plunge in cold water. This traditional method referred as Frigidariumare also followed by modern-day spas and saunas.
Water is the most vital component of life. Hydrotherapy is often explored for mitigating various physical and psychological problems. The therapeutic properties of water are undeniable. Showering in cold water have been claimed to have multiple benefits for the overall health including improved skin and hair, improved vitality, better immune system, better moods, and alertness. Studies have shown that short exposures to cold water result in increased production of norepinephrine and cortisol resulting in modulation of physiological response. There have been lots of doubts in the past associated with benefits of showering in cold waters. However, here all the information is scientifically supported.
Easy, effective and simple way to have healthy Skin and Hair
Taking showers in cold water have various benefits on your skin and hair. Researchers have suggested that showering in cold water can help in flattening ruffled cuticles, tightening the pores, reducing swelling and moisturizes the skin. These benefits are associated with the boost in the blood circulation resulting from cold water showers. Researchers also suggested the contrary effects of having showers with warm water including itchy and dry skin. The conditions can further aggravate into the development of eczema as the dry heat dehydrates the skin. Unlike warm and hot showers, cold waters do not strip the natural oils of the skin and thereby do not flake or dry out.
The dead cells of the skin are easily exfoliated during showers in cold water. This enables the skin to form new healthy skin cells. This makes your skin look healthy and beautiful. Showering in cold water results in conservation of the skin’s elasticity and firmness. This also minimises the early development of wrinkles on your skin. Showering in cold water also results in reduced acne and inflammation. Showers in cold water seals your pores and prevents entry of dirt and oil further reducing the chances of developing acne.
Rinsing your hair with cold shower is the best thing to do as it enhances the quality of your hair. Rinsing your hair with cold water as a final step after shampoo and conditioning results in healthy and shiny hair. It is always advisable to use warm water in the initial steps of hair washing, which includes shampoo and conditioning as it opens your hair cuticles. This allows the shampoo and conditioner to work better. However, the last step of hair cleaning should be a cold-water rinse as it closes the cuticles resulting in minimised accumulation of dirt in your hair. Furthermore, it also results in healthy and shiny hair.
Showering in cold water results in protection of the natural oils of your hair including sebum. Sebum is one of the natural oil produced by the hair. Loss of sebum often results in damage and dryness. Washing out of these natural oils from the hair with hot showers leads to increased frizz, dryness and damage. Frizzed up and dry hair often results in increased hair fall. Therefore, it is important to preserve the natural oils secreted by the body for minimising the bad hair days in your life.
Showering in cold water or having a last final rinse in cold water is an effective and most inexpensive, easy, and informal way to improve your skin and hair quality. This change of protocol in your regular skin and hair care regimen can help you in boosting the effects of your expensive skin and hair care products.
Other benefits of cold showers
Apart from various benefits on the skin and hair, there have been many psychological benefits associated with showering in cold water. Cold water showers have shown benefits on mood disorders and depression. Researchers have demonstrated stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system and increase the levels of beta-endorphin in blood. These findings have resulted in the use of cold showers as an effective treatment method for depression.
Researchers have suggested that a 2-3-minute shower with cold water relieves depression and makes you more alert. Showering in cold water has also shown to enhance cellular health. Having cold showers boost up your energy and also regulates your breathing patterns. This further results in expansion of your lungs and intake of more oxygen in the body. The cardiovascular outcome observed post cold-water shower have been like those observed after an aerobic workout. A reduction in the perception of pain has been observed by various researchers by exposure of cold water on pain from a laser beam. Cold showers rejuvenate both mind and body resulting in an overall healthy life.
Showering in cold water after performing rigorous exercises results in better recovery of the sore muscles and weight loss. Researchers have also demonstrated the benefits of cold showers on the overall health as it boosts the immune system. Showering in cold water results in reduced common illnesses as it stimulates the production of disease fighting cells of the body like leukocytes, monocytes, and neutrophils that protect the body from the foreign disease-causing antigens.
These benefits can be achieved by simply changing the way you take a shower. In cases where you cannot tolerate cold waters, it is suggested to start with warm water and gradually switch to colder waters or introducing a cold rinse as the last step. Although cold showers are not the answer to all conditions and cannot be used as a replacement for any treatment, it can be still adapted as a supplement method to minimise the risk of developing clinical issues.Showering with cold water is a short, simple, and easy method with no side-effects for a healthy mind and body.

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