July 7, 2017
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My First Commission in Nu Skin For May

I am giddy like a billy goat! Yes I am! I have just earned my first commission in Nu Skin and I have just started last April this year. Even then, I wasn’t very active as I was on a holiday and was still testing some products so I could provide my personal input. I became fully immersed with the ins and outs of Nu Skin only last May and I must admit, I did put so much effort, and time to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

I can’t divulge the amount I got but it is an addition to my savings now on top of the income I have received from my sales last May. May was really a good month as I received plenty of orders from as far as Abu Dhabi!

(Photo not mine)

Earning with Nu Skin is simple:

1. Revenue from product sales; and

2. Commissions from your partners’ sales  when meeting certain criteria

Doing this does entail hard work, patience, and a lot of determination because without those key elements, you are not going to go far in terms of reaching your goals. A lot of people I know get cold feet when they hear about networking. Come on guys, this is the 21st century pushing to the 22nd already. Break that myth about networking! You need to expand your reach by… you said it right, NETWORKING. And this is what I am doing here. I am having fun doing it, coming from an introvert person whose dream is to make it big. I have to make some adjustments to my level of comfort and jumping out of it to make all these happen. But, you have to really start from point A to go to point B.

I will not discuss the nitty-gritty details of the earning part so if you want to know more, you can join my team and let’s reap the rewards!

Joining is absolutely FREE! No strings attached to that because it is FREE. You’re not going to buy any sales kit because we will provide you the support, knowledge, and tips you need to get started.

If you want to be a DISTRIBUTOR of the amazing products of Nu Skin, then you can sign up to the country/region where you are from (check www.nuskin.com for the list of countries/regions). This is FREE and I will include you in my team of very supportive folks.

I have to sponsor you to be able to join. Please use this sponsorship ID to create your Distributor account – PH0056536

Please send me a snapshot of your confirmation ID once you sign up as a Distributor as I need to provide you all the support you need. 🙂 You can email that info at mommaglama at yahoo dot com.

Let’s do this! 🙂

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