July 8, 2017
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Secret Morning Ritual to Nourish Your Body

Due to the dynamic and fast-paced environment most of us live in, it easily slips our mind to take care of what is our most valued possession – our body. This negligence is a mistake many make, since they are occupied with more urgent worries. However, it should be just the opposite, since the care of our bodies in today’s stressful and exhausting world becomes even more crucial than before.

This is why everyone needs their little morning rituals to jumpstart the day and provide their skin with the attention it requires. Here are some secret morning rituals that you should know about!

Early-morning exfoliation 

Our skin goes through a constant process of cell regeneration, which means that dead cells need to be regularly removed to expose new, soft and fresh skin. This is why exfoliation is an essential step before pampering your skin with loving lotions and rich creams.

Although there is a widely held belief that occasional removal of dead cells is enough, there are now indications that mild, daily scrubs are more beneficial in maintaining healthy and fresh-looking skin. Massage your skin gently and rinse with lukewarm water. This ritual not only preps your skin for the next step, but also reinforces healthy cell growth.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize 

Waking up to healthy looking skin boosts your confidence and prepares you for the day’s challenges. With that in mind, you should know that the key to having radiant skin is moisturizing. After you have washed and exfoliated your face, you should apply a moisturizer suitable for your skin type.

Choose one with an active hydrating complex to revitalize the skin and make it soft and nourished. For younger skin prone to irritation, go for products containing aloe vera, whereas special moisturizers with anti-wrinkle complex might be better suited for older skin.

Spa-like royal treatment 

Close your eyes and picture being in a spa, smell the delicate scents enveloping your body and envisage the unsurpassed professional care at your disposal. Just because most people cannot afford regular outings to the spa, it doesn’t mean that your body can’t enjoy those well-deserved luxuries at home.

With skincare brands like high-quality MOR Cosmetics, which offer pampering lotions and creams rich in luxurious oils that nourish skin and make it supple, feeling and looking good has never been so easy. The wide range of exotic and flowery scents is bound to evoke sensations of complete relaxation, while even the packaging design stands out from regular products lining store shelves.

Hot-cold showers

Many among us need that morning shower to wake up, and both mentally and physically prepare for the day ahead. In order to make this habit more beneficial to your body, you should stick to the time-honoured technique of showering by alternating the flow of hot and cold water. The hot water and the cold water have different effects on the body, the former being relaxing and the latter excellent in relieving inflammation. The combination reinvigorates your body circulation, which in turn make you feel much more comfortable in your own skin. Moreover, you needn’t revert to extremes – mild temperatures will also do the trick.

Today’s stressful lifestyles necessitate an even better daily care of our skin and body in general, which is why everyone should discover or devise rituals which successfully work for them. We have presented you some of the ideas, which if you make a habit of repeating every day, will surely help you look and feel happier in your own skin. Remember that a healthy look requires time and carefully chosen products. Make a habit of pampering yourself every day!

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