August 13, 2017

Amazing Decoration Ideas For Tiny Houses

The tiny house movement has gone through a boom in the past five years, mainly due to the significantly smaller cost of living. What makes them all the more tempting is the fact that all of them have the decorative flare of the person or people residing in it. If you are reading this, chances are you’re either planning or already have a tiny house of your own, and all that is missing is to turn it into a home. But smaller spaces demand a whole different approach to interior design, which is why we decided to create a short, but effective list of the most amazing decoration ideas. 

Stay practical

Since tiny homes are usually considered to be all spaces under 60m², you should be well aware that your use of space will have to be maximized. Consider using shelves that go up the entire height of a wall, for example. Or turn a niche under the staircase into a small office. Needless to say, clutter should be reduced to a minimum, and only the most sentimental or interior-complementing items should be found in your tiny house. Bottom line, the confinements of space will force you to think in the most creative ways possible, so seize the opportunity and get those gray cells to work!

Use of color

The use of color is monumental for a successful tiny house décor. The careful choice of color can impact how you and others perceive not just the interior, but your lifestyle as well. The use of wood in combination with white, green, yellow, and gentle blues can really open up the space and make it seem larger. Avoid colors darker than, for example, mahogany, as they tend to shut off any concept of open space and will require significantly more light to brighten it up. When it comes to details, color code the house based on your furniture and surrounding decorations, as the color’s true influence is seen when it ties the whole room together.

Illusory furniture

When it comes to furniture – stick to small, thin and tall. There’s no place for that bulky rustic dining table, nor should the centerpiece of your tiny living room be that single armchair that takes up half the space. Foldable guest chairs, threaded carpets and cushions are your best friends. Low tables, desks and low-hanging pantries will also create the illusion of bigger space. Just because you are going small, doesn’t mean you are going for cramped and stifling. Less formal furniture will also create a greater sense of comfort and allow people to relax much quicker.

Outdoor focus

Another useful thing to keep in mind is the outdoor décor. The interior should in no way be the sole focus of your creativity, because what you take away from there, you can compensate for on the outside. If you have a small porch outside, decorate it with fairy lights, and potted plants. And as experts in strata painting Sydney advise, take good care of how you paint the exterior as well. Choose the color based on the interior, but also think about your surroundings, as you have chosen a somewhat nomadic life.


When it comes to lighting, given how you’ve gone more eco-friendly with a tiny house, kick it up a notch and reduce your carbon footprint even more by choosing LED lights, for example. They also give way for more imaginative ideas – you can embed them into the ceiling to create the illusion of a starry sky, or introduce fairy lights into your dining room space for added romanticism. Keeping the voltage low will lessen the “blinding” effect during nighttime, as you have far less square meters to actually illuminate.

In summary

The most creative ideas come from restrictions, as farfetched as it may sound. With tiny homes, you may feel overwhelmed by the limitations of space, material and resources. However, this is where you can thrive, keeping in mind that you have to be practical, thinking about usefulness of all individual items, and how to make all elements in the room have a certain “flow” that engulf the entire house. It sounds difficult, but if you try our advice, you might be convinced otherwise.

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